Property Sale Plan

Gain on sale of immovable property (including land) situated in India is chargeable to tax in India. In certain cases, at the time of sale of the property, buyers are required to deduct tax (TDS) on the amount paid to the seller. Filing your tax returns in India can help you obtain a refund of the tax so deducted depending on your taxable income in India. For consultation on tax planning to claim tax exemption and also to calculate capital gain portion in advance on the sale consideration for TDS purpose, you can avail our Tax Consultation Plan.

    Incomes Covered in the Plan:

  • Profit or loss on sale of residential house property;
  • Profit or loss on sale of land or building;
  • Profit or loss on sale of agricultural land situated in an urban area;
  • Interest from savings bank accounts and fixed deposits.

    Plan exclusions

    Our Plans cover only services towards filing your Income Tax Return in India.

    The below services are outside the scope of this Plan:

  • Valuations
  • CA Certifications and Tax Audit.
  • PAN application / application for changes in PAN details
  • Written opinions on taxability
  • Submission of response to Income Tax notices / queries
  • Handling tax assessments
  • Tax planning
  • The above services may be availed separately based on discussions with your Tax Advisor.

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